Friday, 19 October 2012


It's one of those days.
Another silent but deadly diaper explosion.
Serious knee/corner of the bed frame collision while rushing to diaper change.
Silent screaming/crying (by me) while hobbling around, trying to clean up poop.
Poop on the bed (just a little - sorry SP).
Bathing the Bean to wash whatever remnants of poop off of her back, and discovering that she does NOT like the shower.  Very loud screaming/crying (by Bean).
Accidentally turning on the water with the shower head facing OUT of the shower.
Finding a significant poop stain on Bean's white chair AFTER I've already done laundry to wash her pooped up onsie.
Bean's towel landing in the toilet.
My hairbrush also landing in the toilet (see, I told you it's one of those days).

Thank goodness for little brothers who come to visit with treats.
Even if said brother is the one who dropped the towel in the toilet.
Happy weekend everyone!

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