Friday, 16 November 2012

hello from out west.

Yes, I have been slacking off.
Bean and I left poor papa to work and flew out west to see jiji & baba.
Being fed by your mama is a glorious thing,  no matter how old you are,
even when you've become a mama yourself.
Kudos to my girl for being so good during the flight, even though we were stuck on the sold out plane for an extra hour (totalling about 7 hours in that tiny seat).  Thank you Edmonton for all that snow/ice.
A small kudos to myself for fitting everything into one carryon and managing to hold/feed Bean without exposing a nipp to the large dude (2 large dudes) sitting next to us.  
Oh, and for managing to change diapers in the ridiculously small airplane bathroom without any accidents.  We barely fit.  Seriously.  I can't imagine being in there when she gets any bigger.  
*lip sweat*

Bean is getting so much attention and hugs from the grans, we may be in trouble when we go back home and she realizes that mama has to do more than just play and hold her all day...
We'll just enjoy it for now though.

Happy weekend everyone!

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