Monday, 10 November 2014

two weeks ago.

Only 2 weeks since we came back from Trinidad.
Hard to believe, it feels so much longer ago.
Since then, we've already seen snow, and now we're fighting a nasty virus.
Oh cold and flu season, we did not miss thee…

So I'm reminiscing in the warmth and sun for a little while longer through pictures from our trip.
(oh it's another photo dump)

A weekend Tobago trip.
I mean… not too shabby right?
 There was a significant improvement in the beach experience
compared to the previous time.
She still refused to go into the water though.
And she loved the pool, but only if her feet were touching.
Feet touching:
Feet not touching:
Maybe next time she'll join her cousins...
"mama! fishies!"
Precious cousin time.
And some fun with friends.

Sigh… now back to reality (ie. Monday)...
Double sigh.

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