Sunday, 2 December 2012

such is life.

Trying to fix Bean's sleep schedule,
missing my mama's cooking,
keeping SP quarantined due to some unknown stomach bug,
and running on 3-4hrs sleep/night.
Yup, back to reality and our family of three.
Three weeks with jiji and baba went by too fast and Bean learned a lot of new "tricks" while we were away.
Rolling over (occasionally if she feels like it).
Sitting by herself and loving it (even though she slowly starts to topple forward - that big head of hers,
full of brains).
A new high pitched giggle that doesn't come out very often, but we all go crazy over it when it does.
And generally a lot more chatty.

Some highlights from the fun times.
Learning to roll over with jiji.
Doesn't always work though.
Trying out the exersaucer.
"Whatcha doin' in that little thing papa...?"
Sitting like a big lady.
Filling papa in on all of the fun things she'd been up to.
Being musical with baba.
(just realized that she's in the same jammies in all of the pictures expect for the last - she wore more than 2 pjs... in fact, half of the large suitcase coming home was filled with her new clothes)

And then she flew home like a champ.

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