Thursday, 20 December 2012

highchair and corn dogs.

Two completely unrelated things, but the former enabled me to do the latter... kind of.
We opened the big box that was under beside our little tree since it was a practical gift.
The Boon highchair - I'd say she approves.
So she happily ate played with Sophie for a little bit while I made corn dog muffins
for a potluck Christmas party.
You may or may not know that my artery-clogging-guilty-addiction is corn dogs (& funnel cake).
I will without a doubt get one if I see it at the carnival, amusement park, restaurant... really anywhere, but I draw the line at making deep-fried-dough-covered-hotdog-on-a-stick at home.
So the "healthier" alternative were these muffins.
I used a corn bread recipe and added hotdogs (all natural).
And cheese.
Cause cheese is delicious on everything.
And jalapeños in a few of them as well.
Ok, who am I kidding (especially not myself...) they are definitely not as delicious as the real thing, but they were pretty good.
Even if they came out a little bit dry because a certain supervisor decided that she did not want to supervise anymore, and was demanding that she be entertained.
Ketchup is mandatory. 

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