Sunday, 17 February 2013

a very non-anti-valentine.

Am I seriously STILL talking about Valentines 2 (technically 3) days later?!
Forgive me, I would've written sooner but the wifi in our entire neighbourhood had crapped out
and the amAHzing internet provider fixed the issue in an incredibly untimely manner.
So it's them.  Not me.
But I digress.

We were never the type to make a big deal of Valentines day. 
Sure, we've had cards and baked goods, but shouldn't we love and appreciate 
our significant other every day?
(somebody remind me of that the next time I'm yelling at SP 
or telling him to go away cause he's crowding my "space")
That being said, since our lives have gotten considerably busier (understatement),
and we have not even had a date night in 8 months,
I think it's become more important for us to make a "bigger deal".
So this was us.
Making a bigger deal.
My mornings are always so busy, it took a good few hours before I even noticed this.
On a lunch date with the culprit of my busyness.
I really do have a knack for finding the most inappropriately appropriate cards...
Hershey's - the key to SP's stomach heart - and other random gifts.
Waiting on papa for our family dinner date.
By the time he came, she was too busy with crackers to care.
Feeding our Chipotle addiction.
Clearly, it was a very romantic dinner.
And last but not least, the Cupcake Shoppe.  We'll take any excuse to have these. Thank you.

Hope you had a great Valentines too.
If you celebrate that kind of thing.

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