Thursday, 28 February 2013

inside outside.

I haven't been here in a while, but it's been a
"omg-just-when-I thought-it-couldn't-get-busier/more exhausting-life-proves-me-wrong"
kind of few weeks.
Somewhere amongst the blur I had a milestone birthday, but that feels like a long time ago already.
Exhaustion has aged me 5 more years since then.
And just when I thought it's peaked, Bean was unable to sleep last night.
I stopped counting... or lost consciousness after the fourth time I got out of bed.
Some time around 4am (or maybe it was 5...or 6...) I invited myself to a 2 minute pity party and silently cried while trying to rock her back to sleep.
Today, she's the fussiest/clingiest she's ever been and she refused to nap.
Until now.
Less than 2 hours before bed time...
I think she's teething. Or growth spurting.
Maybe both.

But I'm not here today to bitch (even though I totally just did)
I wanted to make note that my girl is 38 weeks old today.
Which means that she's been on the "outside" for a week longer than she's been on the "inside".
"it's already been 38 weeks?"
"it's ONLY been 38 weeks?"
"holy crap, pregnancy is long. (and mine was 3 weeks short!)"
"I still can't believe I grew a(this) human being."
My amazing little human bean being.

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