Wednesday, 20 March 2013


"Finally! Warmer weather!"
"No wait.. it's snowing"
"Yes! the snow is melting!"
"Dammit, it's snowing again"
"Please let it all melt this time..."
"Crap, now everything is a frozen, muddy, salty mess"
...good ol' can't-make-up-its-mind-end-of-winter-but-not-quite Toronto weather.

So last week,
Bean had her 9 month check-up.
Sitting quietly, sensing that something is awry...

A brief lived distraction.
...wait, I remember this place now.  Oh cra***

The usual wailing and yelling while the doctor did a quick check 
and confirmed that she is still top chunkster.
*phew* glad that's done.
Nope.  Not done.
Not done at all.
Because Bean had to get blood work done...
And what ensued was the longest 20 minutes of our lives.
She screamed (and flailed) like she'd never screamed before,
and it took 3 lab techs and a very upset mama to hold her down.
Post-screaming.  Both of us drenched in sweat.
They had to hold that arm so tight, it bruised the next day,
Double Gah.

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