Wednesday, 1 May 2013

hi, i'm still here.

3 internet-free weeks,
1 trying-to-recover-from-jetlag week,
and a mid cold/teething/allergies week.
So hi.
It's been a while.

Poor papa had to work while we spent 3 weeks in Japan,
but it was nice to catch up with friends and family,
and eat.
 Eat A LOT.
Thank goodness I'm still breastfeeding.
And also, carrying Bean is like doing weight training all day.

Now please enjoy a small photo dump of our time in Japan.
(it's "small", considering I took a few hundred pictures)

And a small kudos to myself and Bean for flying back from Japan by ourselves.
Total flight time: 15&1/2 hours
2 Transfers
2 Carry-on bags (+ stroller)
2 Checked bags
and ZERO people who offered to help.
A picture of my flying champion, who didn't even cry once during any of the flights.
Don't mind that she was over the weight limit for the bassinet.
She still chillaxed in it and even took a few naps.
She's a pro.

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