Tuesday, 1 October 2013

hi. i'm still here.

Hi Hi
Too many things have been happening around here and I haven't been able to 
find the time (or energy) to make my way over here.

Mainly, we moved (!)
With some very helpful friends (and a little person who likes to think that she's helping),
we moved into our new place over the weekend.
We're still living out of boxes, on a mattress on the floor,
with no curtains on the windows, but it's nice to finally start settling in.
And there's no greater motivation for me to unpack, than a toddler who likes to ransack anything/everything within reach, and eat cardboard (amongst many other non-edible objects).
Since my last post, Moo is walking, starting to say words 
(and tries to repeat everything we say... gotta watch our mouths)
and has gone from baby to toddler way too quickly.
With the attitude she gets when she doesn't get her way,
it's like she's 16months, going on 16 years.

We're still scrambling around here, but I want (hope) to update more often!
Be back soon!

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