Friday, 4 October 2013

more is more.

I meant to post these a while ago but life got in the way, blah blah... you know the drill.

This girl, lover of hats, scarves, headbands, hairpins... anything that will fit on her head.
(pants even, boxes even, oh and a toque in 30degree weather even)

If you can't choose one, then wear them all.
And then check yourself out in the mirror.
And ask your mama if she thinks you look pretty.
Once upon a time when I was a little thing, I too practiced the "more is more" approach to fashion. 
(although mine was probably "more is more and maybe a little more")
Also, I may have had an "I insist on wearing my pink swimming cap" era in the mid80s. 
So with that image, I bid you adieu.

Have a great weekend!

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