Friday, 13 December 2013

november in pictures.

I must've blinked extra long, cause I missed the whole of November.
And half of December.
I mean, how is it December already? 
The speed at which this year has passed is highly alarming...
But back to November:
We had the first snow fall.
(She won't step on grass, leaves, dirt, or sand. What makes you think she would step in snow?)
(She also likes to run away naked.)
Learned how to put on pants.
But due to its highly labour intensive nature, we had to take several breaks.
We put up the Christmas tree.
Yes, in November.
She loves it - especially the twinkly lights.
It's a lighting ceremony at our house everyday.
"3, 2, 1..."
18 month olds are awesome.
The ornament bandit has not been as much of a repeat offender as I anticipated.
But our tree is still trimmed ombre style...
And last but not least, in fact, the highlight of my November (but she'd probably disagree):
we met Santa.
This was the first of four shots that got progressively more desperate.
The entire mall heard my child screaming
as I smiled and waved at her.
I'll take that mother of the year award now, thanks.

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