Friday, 31 January 2014

busy: an understatement.

Oh hi.
Happy end of January.
I've complained (a lot) about how busy 2013 had been for us. 
But then life threw us a curve ball and said
"busy? you haven't seen anything yet".

To summarize our December to January:

the ice storm that could probably freeze hell

followed by a 6 day power outage
during which time, Shaun still slept in our subzero house
in an attempt to prevent our pipes from freezing

only to wake up on christmas morning to a frozen leaking pipe in our bathroom

by the time we finally moved back into the house, Shaun had a cold
and I spent the next week trying to prevent the spread of his germs

Bean started daycare - she cried, mama cried, there was a lot of crying
also, trying to get ready, fed, and out the door in the morning should be an olympic sport

I went back to work, GAH... 'nough said

right of passage, the-never-ending-string-of-colds-from-daycare started and hasn't stopped

I learned the hard way that you can still catch the flu (I'm talkin the liver inflaming, never ending fever,
wicked body pain, rib cage damaging, cough til you vomit kind of flu) even after a flu shot

and to top it all off, how many extreme cold weather alerts have we had this season?
there's something wrong when I'm clearing snow off of the car without a jacket
because -15°C feels "warm"
needless to say, I have never looked forward to spring more.

I barely picked up the camera in January, but some highlights of December.
For the love of food.
 We're still working on the exit strategy.
How to dress up pajamas.
My baby with my "baby" - as in the dolly my grandma gave me for my 3rd birthday.
And yes, my mother keeps everything.
It wasn't much of a christmas for us with the power outage, but we still made it work.
And not that you're wondering, but with everything that happened, our christmas tree still stands.
Hopefully I find the motivation to put it away by the end of February. 

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