Tuesday, 8 January 2013

hello 2013.

After an unintentional extra extra long holiday break from the blog, 
happy one week into 2013!
We spent Christmas in Trinidad.  Yes, we are one of those lucky people who "going home for the holidays" means sunny, warm (or sweltering hot), and beaches.

We hung out at home for 95% of the time.
I got bitten by mosquitos about 40 times (which was not as many as previous times).
I tried to eat my body weight in pasteles.
I also ate way too much ice cream.
We didn't get to see our friends nearly enough times (sorry friends).
But we got to enjoy so much quality time with the family, and Bean thrived on the "liveliness" (4 dogs, cousins, lots of visitors, and lots of family).  2 weeks was hardly long enough.
It's a tough adjustment, coming back to our little family of three... and the cold.

So to overcompensate, please enjoy a copious amount of photographs from our time down south.


  1. Is that a triple ankle roll I see in this last pic? Of course it is. So happy she lived up to her nickname.

    1. she totally did - and then some. she clearly did get that memo about not being such an overachiever...