Friday, 21 June 2013

the first party.

Ok, I'm seriously backtracking here, but here's some pictures from the birthday party.
I know she won't remember it, but obviously we had to make a big deal.
I think it's more of a "hallelujah we survived the first year!" party.
Anyway, as fun as it was, thank goodness they only come once a year. 
Because it. was. exhausting.

Pre-party presents time!
O.M.G. Papa are you seeing this present?!
Yup, she liked it.
Our well loved girl.
I tried hard not to hyperventilate while she "smashed" the cake.
Yup.  Tissue paper decorations were a great idea.

Thank you to everyone who came, and couldn't make it, for the well wishes and the gifts!
And thank you to my peeps who helped set up, and clean up... cause if you there, you know just how relaxed and on top of everything I was.

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