Friday, 7 June 2013

on your birthday.

The morning of your birthday, we played in bed like any other morning.
(The photos didn't do your fabulous bedhead justice.)
It's getting harder and harder to take pictures nowadays because you're very quick/squirmy/mischievous.
(The I'm-getting-upset-because-you-won't-let-me-touch-the-camera face.)
Papa came home early and we went out to get cupcakes and presents.
 (Gimme that.)
 (Thinking about it...)
(Savouring it.  Really savouring it.)
All you had to do was point and smile at the cat and papa was sold. 
Here we are, laughing at how easily papa can be manipulated convinced.
But really. Thank you papa.
Pretty sure that face will let you get away with most things, but let try not to use it for evil.
(Monkey in the concrete jungle.)
When we got home, there was a package waiting for you from a special friend.
(Thank you Nina!)

So that was your very first birthday. 
Hope it was a good one.

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