Monday, 30 July 2012

according to my pictures.

Thank goodness for smartphones and camera functions, because otherwise, every day would fly by in a complete blur and I wouldn't remember anything that happens.
So after my computer was "fixed", it lasted for all of less than a week.
Enter my new computer. Ya Ya.
In other news, the Bean has graduated from the bassinet to her crib.  More specifically, she's getting a little too big to comfortably sleep in the bassinet full-time.  (Yes, I cried a little on the inside when I had to put her in her own bed.)
I finally managed to put up the wall decals purchased on etsy
and I think they came out pretty well.
We're gradually getting into a manageable routine, and getting out more often to enjoy the great weather while it lasts.
I'm also able to find time to cook a bit, which is important to me.
The Bean has always been, and continues to be a very good sleeper and good natured girl, and we are very thankful. She really is a relaxed and happy little person... I don't think she got that from me.

Anyone else engrossed in the Olympics?
I'm not sure that we've turned our TV off since the 27th...
Although a lot of the time it's just on in the background because that little Bean of ours is pretty darn cute and it's hard to take our eyes off of her.

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