Monday, 6 August 2012

a multinational bean.

Last week we made a trip to the Japanese consulate to register the birth of our Bean.  All I did was fill out some paperwork, but it was a pretty momentous occasion, since it means that she is now legally Japanese.  You can't hold dual (or multi) citizenships in Japan, so she'll have a decision to make (whether to remain Japanese, and therefore give up all other citizenships, or forgo her Japanese citizenship) when she turns 20.  
But in the meantime, she'll be a Canadian and Japanese citizen (and Trinidadian if we decide to add that as well). 
Our multicultural little Bean.

And yesterday, she turned 2 months old!
My goodness that was fast - I think I'm probably going to continue saying that for the rest of my life...
She's much more expressive now, and is starting to "talk".  A very definitive happy and angry (and loud) voice come out of her little mouth.  Both are adorable and make me laugh.

So full of expressions (and possibly attitude).
Happy, angry, confused... and happy again. 
All in the span of 60 seconds.  

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