Sunday, 26 August 2012

chinny chin chin.

Oh hi, it's just me and my chins. 
My jiji and baba seem to be slightly concerned about how chunky I am.
Clearly they have forgotten that my mama looked like this as a baby. 
Mama says it's a pain in the bum to have to wash all of my neck layers, but it's important that she does this, because otherwise I start making "boob cheese" under there. (ie. Boob juice drips and accumulates in the neck folds and starts to get crusty/stinky. Delicious.) 

Even though mama sometimes complains, she still says the chins are super cute and she wants to gnaw on them. But she doesn't. Phew. 
I'm not so sure though. I don't think I'll appreciate these pictures very much when I'm a cool teenager, and I'm worried that mama will use them to blackmail me... Maybe I'll spill some juice on her computer or something and crash her hard drive 
while I can still get away with it. 

***Note to Jellybean. I have backed up everything so as not to lose a single one of your photos (so tough). And yes, I may use some as blackmail one day if you ever try to give me attitude. Love mama. 

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