Thursday, 23 August 2012

embrace the camera.

One favourite past time of mine is reading blogs. 
There are SO many blogs out there now a days, and many of them are great, but once in a while I come across one that's so interesting and well written that I can't stop reading it.
(Thus making me feel stalker-ish after a while...)

That blog for me right now is 
This blog has made me laugh and cry, and want to have a ba-jillion kids (And by "ba-jillion", I mean more than 2.  Probably giving Shaun a heart attack right about now).
It also makes me want to adopt.  
Not that this is a decision that one makes on a whim, but I've always said (not out loud maybe, but to myself) that I would adopt if I was unable to have children of my own.
Turns out that I can, but this blog has brought that thought back into my head.
(If he wasn't before, Shaun is definitely having a heart attack now).
It's just a wonder... or a ponder... 

Okay, I'm digressing from today's point.
What I wanted to do today was 
Every Thursday, Emily "embraces the camera" by posting pictures of herself with her loved ones. 
I'm rarely without my camera (or more recently, my iPhone since balancing a DSLR and infant is near impossible), but 95% (maybe more like 98%) of my time is spent behind it.
I agree with Emily about getting in front of the camera once in a while to leave memories with my family/friends, so this is a great incentive for me to get in the frame once in a while.
Here we go.
Ya.  She likes to sleep.
Just like her mama and papa.
*fyi - the Anderson's blog is down for a makeover tonight (Aug. 23) so check it out tomorrow.  It's pretty awesome.  


  1. these are the SWEETEST pictures. i mean, i just had a tiny baby not too long ago and this makes me have baby fever. stop.
    i want to squeeze her!

    thanks for embracing the camera!

    1. thanks for stopping by emily :)
      if you birthed more little asian nuggets, i think people may start offering you your own television show... and i would watch it too.
      looking forward to next thursday!