Monday, 14 January 2013


Being the only granddaughter, the idea of cousins is a foreign concept to me.
Also, I was spoiled.
But seeing our Jellybean with her cousins gave me "cousin envy".
She loved them so much, we really wish we lived closer...

And these two... so funny together.
If only I knew what was going through their minds...
"what on earth is happening with these legs?"
"chubby chubby chubby chubby..."
"I can't even comprehend this chubbiness!"
"hey, there's a bald spot back here..."

"lets try to take a nice picture together..."
"here, let me fix that collar for you"
"it's ok cousin, don't be mad."
"ok I'm ready now... hey? where're you going?"

Those cousins, they're going to help keep the "bad boys" (or any and all boys) away, 
so that papa doesn't have to bring out the shotgun.

We miss you!

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