Friday, 18 January 2013

tis the season...

...cold and flu season.
Hope you're feeling better than this.
Whatever is going around really sucks.
Stuck at home all week and we're gettin cabin fever over here.
Ok, so I am getting cabin fever.  Bean just has a fever.  A high one, my poor girl.
She's so good, even when she's sick.
I am a lucky lucky mama.

Happy weekend!


  1. Julia's been sick all week too. Fever and malaise and general grossness. I see that your Bean has some teeth coming in too!

    1. aww, hope she's feeling better... we've been dealing with fever, congestion, bronchiolitis, and border-line ear infection. she's gotten considerably better these past 2 days though :)

      you spotted those little pearlies!