Wednesday, 17 July 2013

a little dip.

Well, we were all complaining about it not being hot enough this summer,
and I guess we got our wish.
So thank goodness for friends with access to a pool.
Especially when they turn off our water for repairs blah blah blah...
and close our pool for the entire summer for renovations (the timing is impeccable).
Considering what happened the last time Bean went into a body of water other than the bathtub,
I was a little nervous...
But first things first.
Just exuding enthusiasm right here.
Some pre-swimming stretching.
And big brother already enjoying himself.
Pouty McPouterson.
She's about to start enjoying herself I swear.
Told ya.
But she spent most of the time trying to skim dead bugs and totally grossing me out.
And the rest of the time she spent trying to eat rocks, grass... and of course bugs.
Wooooo pool days!!!

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