Friday, 19 July 2013

bedtime battles.

And the teething continues. 
Which I can assume is the only reason why the 1-5am wake up calls also continue. 
Or so I keep telling myself in hopes that the wake ups will stop when the teething ends. 

Nowadays, she usually goes down to sleep (naps and for the night) fighting and screaming. 
She'll cry and squirm (and scream) while I bounce, swing, hop, lunge until she finally gives in. 
Maybe because she's over tired by the time I finally get her to sleep... (my bad) 
But there's also some times when she'll be so smiley and chatty.  Talking and giggling, and touching my face, and she drifts off, just like that.
Tonight was one of those nights.
I love those nights.

(1 month)

(2 months)

(5 months)

(11 months)

(1 year)


And now I get to sit down for what feels like the first time today.
And it's the weekend.

***all pictures from this post taken on my iPhone4s***

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