Wednesday, 3 July 2013

long weekend bits+pieces.

Hope you had a great long weekend.  
(or a regular weekend if you don't live in Canada)
I'm a little late (what's new) but I have a teething child who's been waking up between 2-4am 
and can't fall back asleep.
Nothing refreshes your appreciation for a full-night's sleep like standing in the dark for 1&1/2hr 
every night trying to sway a baby back to sleep.
Even though I complain (sometimes a lot), I'm also kinda loving it.
Cause she's growing out of the baby stage so fast, I know it won't be long 
before she doesn't need me to rock her back to sleep.

Anyways, back to the weekend.
It was great weather, and busy but not too busy.
I even got to see a movie!
Big deal? Yes, if the last time I went to the theatre I was still pregnant. 
Other activities included, but not limited to:
Practicing walking.
Toronto Ribfest... about 200% more crowded than a few years ago.
With three kids, a stroller, and a wagon, it was definitely an experience.
Makin' memories...
"where are our ribs?!!!"
(Rib eating not pictured.  Stuffing face, sticky fingers, and squirmy children
leaves no room for picture taking.)
Food, then rides.  An obvious sequence of events.
"but can you believe that we aren't tall enough to ride any of them?!"
Squealing at the rides.
That girl is going to be a thrill seeker just like her mama.  I can feel it.

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