Tuesday, 9 July 2013

staying at home.

I wanted to post this yesterday, but the storm and blackout kinda made things difficult.
We were lucky enough to just get away with a few hours in the dark,
but I know many are dealing with damages still today.
I hope that everyone in Toronto is able to return to normal soon.


Shaun and I both grew up with our moms at home.
It was something that we took probably took for granted most of time, but now as parents, 
we can appreciate the work and sacrifice more than ever.
We hoped to provide our children with a similar situation, but the reality of living in a large city like Toronto makes that kind of difficult...
After a lot of discussion, we decided that I would take an additional 6 month leave of absence, but return to work after that.
So my leave started this week, and even though our wallets will be a little thinner for a while,
we know it's the best decision for us.
The thought of having to put my girl in daycare at 18 months makes my stomach queasy, but I know most mothers go back to work after a year, and many even sooner than that,
so I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that I have this extra 6 months at home.
And I'm determined to savour and make the most out of it.
(and take as many pictures as possible in the process)

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