Thursday, 31 May 2012

cabin fever.

I'm certainly glad to be on leave, and I'd rather be sitting at home than at work, but being cooped up in the house is starting to drive me a little crazy (crazier than usual).  
Because of the hypertension and swelling (not to mention the usual end of pregnancy symptoms) the most I do in a day is some house work and little walks.
Although I have a feeling that I may reflect back on this time fondly in a few months when I'm up to my eyeballs in diaper changes and feedings...

I found a cookie recipe that intrigued me, and since I had all of the ingredients sitting in my pantry, I made some today.

Instead of regular softened or melted butter, this one called for browned butter.  I think it was a great idea, I could smell the nutty browned butter even as I was mixing the ingredients.  
I also used chopped dark chocolate (because I prefer it to chocolate chips), and chopped dry roasted  almonds (because I had them in the pantry - and for textural contrast).

I personally prefer oatmeal raisin over chocolate, but I'd say these turned out pretty well.
A definite repeat recipe.

A little bed time snack anyone?

Monday, 28 May 2012

just the two of us.

Just came home from another hospital visit.
Everything was okay for today, and the Bean was/is jumping around as usual.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
Toronto has been getting some pretty fantastic weather, and we're trying to enjoy the few weekends we have left before we become a family of three.
Getting a desperately needed pedicure on my fat little piggies.
Learning how the car seat works (good thing that one of us has had car seat training).
Having a relaxing dinner (Shaun was happier, contrary to that picture).

I wonder how many more weekends we'll have, just the two of us.
We don't do much, since I get so easily tired and end up like this:
But what little outings we do have are really nice, and I'm trying to appreciate it
as much as possible.

Wishing everyone a good week!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

victoria day weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good week!
(a 4 day week for my Canadian peeps)
I've been slacking off a bit in the blogging department, but it's been a pretty tiring week with the ongoing back and forth from the hospital.

So I know I'm a little delayed but I'll reminisce about the Victoria Day weekend. 
We didn't do much, but the weather was amazing and a dear friend came in all the way from India so we had a BBQ!
I couldn't contribute much but I made deviled eggs.
I do enjoy deviled eggs... and they're so easy to make.
It was a great day.

Don't mind that my feet/legs looked like this.
(& this isn't even THAT swollen)
I know that no one wants to see my swollen, sans-pedicured, cankled, chubs that were previously my feet.  It's just a record for myself.  So I can look back on these times "fondly".  

Saturday, 19 May 2012

a weekend treat.

Sometimes you just need a good treat. 
Especially on a beautiful long weekend like this.

We don't usually buy desserts, but on rare occasions, the cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe are pretty fantastic.  On Friday, I was in the area and it was just calling to me.

I bought the cookie dough for Shaun and a lemon drop for myself, with full intentions to wait until he got home from work...
...I was not quite successful.

Shaun came home 5 minutes later (I was so close!) and inhaled his too.

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe weekend!

*Thank you to my friends and family for the messages and support about my previous posting! I'm still back and forth from the hospital since my blood pressure doesn't seem to want to stabilize, but the bean is doing just fine. xo

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

just going with the flow.

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

I was scheduled to work until the end of May, but that unexpectedly ended on Tuesday.
So far in my pregnancy, I had been experiencing some dizziness and near-fainting spells thanks to my pre-existing tendency for low blood pressure and blood sugar.  
At one point, the dizziness got too frequent and I had to get some tests done.
Not so fun times.  
Especially after those electrodes came off.  Oh those welts... where they ever itchy.

So when I started to get some significant swelling in my hands, arms, feet, legs (sometimes face!), I figured it was just part of "the joys of pregnancy" (although I did get some fierce cankles...)  Even when I started getting blurred vision along with some other symptoms, I wasn't too worried.

Fast forward to Tuesday when I went for my scheduled appointment, my doctor looked slightly concerned when he realized that I had gained nearly 8lbs (holy crap!) in 2 weeks.  And slightly more concerned when he took my blood pressure.  Then slightly more concerned when I said "yes" to all of the questions of "nausea?" "headache?" "rib cage pain?" "swelling?" "blurred vision?".
He told me not to be too worried, but that I may have pre-eclampsia and he was sending me for more tests.  He also explained the possible outcomes, including immediate delivery, or hospitalization for monitoring, but also that I could go home if things seem to calm down.  Regardless of the scenario though, I had just finished my last work day.
At 34 and 1/2 weeks, the likelihood of Jellybean born perfectly healthy is quite high, so I tried not to worry too much, but it certainly wasn't the outcome I was expecting from my scheduled prenatal visit.  
Meanwhile, the type-A in me was madly running the logistics of everything in my head:
"What about work?"
"I have no hospital bag ready!"
"We don't have enough clothes for the bean!"
"We don't even have the bassinet set up!"
"and I haven't washed any of the bean's clothes!"
and on and on...

Shaun came to the hospital right away, and after 6+ hours, the test results were okay enough for me to go home for now (phew!).  More importantly, Jellybean is doing perfectly well and we got to see her kicking around on the ultrasound (double phew!).

I'll be visiting the hospital quite frequently from now on, with the possibility that Jellybean may make her entrance at any point.
We're trying not to be too worried.  It is what it is, and I think it's worse to fret too much - especially when I'm trying to keep my blood pressure stable. 
Just going with the flow, and enjoying whatever time I have left of preggo life.

Needless to say though, I washed Jellybean's clothes and bedding yesterday.

And bought some supplies to pack a hospital bag.

We're ready (as we can be) for you Jellybean!
But we'll try to keep you in there for a little longer so that you can cook some more... 

Monday, 14 May 2012

weekend review.

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

Eating a KitKat and thinking about the fun weekend we had...

Ping pong birthday party for our very good friend at Spin
There were a few drinks involved...

Saturday was a late start to the day that began with brunch.
nom nom nom...

& then a stroll at Harbourfront.

We also watched Avengers for the second time...

Mother's day was breakfast at our favourite brunch place, Over Easy.
We do love brunch...
Even when some of it gets stuck on my belly.
(scratching food off of my shirt is a common occurrence now)

It was a very good weekend. Even if my favourite dress got partially eaten by an escalator.
The hormonal pregnant lady cried about in public... at the mall.

& the most exciting part of my weekend:
Shaun picking out the sweetest little onesie for the Bean.

It's only Monday but I'm looking forward to the weekend (long weekend!) already...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

what's for dinner?

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

Shaun is many things - including a very helpful husband - but a cook he is not.
Which isn't that big of a deal because I quite enjoy cooking (unless I have all-day morning sickness, and/or it's after a 10 hour work day).

My only daily challenge is "how much vegetables I can cram into a meal before Shaun starts complaining". 
He's a carnivore through and through (and me, who is a border line vegetarian), so our dinners often end up being one platers that are much easier for me to "sneak" veggies into.

(In his defense, Shaun's diet has become much more diverse over the years that we've been together.)

Today's dinner was on the simpler side.
Thanks to a migraine which I can't take medication for.
Thanks to the bump.
(It's okay Jellybean, you're worth it)

I made a quick tomato sauce with turkey/chicken sausage and lots of veggies (zucchini, eggplant, celery, & green beans).
Usually I stick to whole wheat, but today's was fresh pasta from St. Lawrence Market.

Thank goodness I had gone grocery shopping earlier this week, since migraine days equal being stuck in a dark room in bed...

Hoping tomorrow is a better day. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

it's mostly fun & games.

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

(This picture was from some time ago... I definitely can't make visual confirmation of my toes from this angle anymore.)

Yes there's progressive swelling, aching, and everything in between, but it is mostly fun and we're getting really excited to see our little bean.  Everyday when Shaun comes home, he talks to the bump and tells her we'll see her soon, and how excited we are for her to come out.

& the many other moments that make me really excited about our Jellybean...

Receiving amazingly cute gifts from amazingly awesome friends.

Prepping for a Jellybean worthy room.

Buying too cute outfits and imagining what she'll look like in them.

... & the invasion of monkeys.

Less than 7 weeks until we see you Jellybean!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

a very grown up celebration.

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

Like I mentioned, Friday was the hubby's birthday.
For his big 30th, the soon-to-be daddy asked for a "pizza/pool party".  

I figured if we're going to be ridiculous, I might as well take it all the way so I ran with it.
...and ended up with a Batman Pizza/Pool party.  

We had ice cream cake aaand cupcakes (From my last posting - which turned out to be quite delicious, my new favourite cake in fact.  And this, coming from a girl who likes to bake things, but not so much to eat baked things, is a pretty big deal).

The people at DQ were quite the artisans when it came to piping the icing...

Hope you had good birthday Shaun, & thanks to our great friends for being there to celebrate with us.

And now to eat some left over banana cake...