Thursday, 30 August 2012

embrace the camera.

It's Thursday.
So I'm embracing the camera yo.

Please note that I am not flipping the bird.
It's hard trying to get an almost 3 month old to look toward (or in the general vicinity) 
of the camera.
I don't think she's feeling it.

And a "family embrace".
Yup.  That looks about right.

It's almost the long weekeeeeend!
Yay yaaaaaaaaa.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

best friends.

Shaun tells Bean "you're my best friend" all the time.
(He'll also throw in a "and mummy is my best friend too" when he thinks I can hear)
Bean is always the chattiest with Shaun.
She chatters like crazy when Shaun comes home and asks her about her day.
Their conversation makes me smile without fail.  
I hope she turns into a big daddy's girl.
I hope they stay best friends.

At least until she reaches her teens and Shaun has to bring out the shotgun to scare off the boys.
I kid... kind of.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

chinny chin chin.

Oh hi, it's just me and my chins. 
My jiji and baba seem to be slightly concerned about how chunky I am.
Clearly they have forgotten that my mama looked like this as a baby. 
Mama says it's a pain in the bum to have to wash all of my neck layers, but it's important that she does this, because otherwise I start making "boob cheese" under there. (ie. Boob juice drips and accumulates in the neck folds and starts to get crusty/stinky. Delicious.) 

Even though mama sometimes complains, she still says the chins are super cute and she wants to gnaw on them. But she doesn't. Phew. 
I'm not so sure though. I don't think I'll appreciate these pictures very much when I'm a cool teenager, and I'm worried that mama will use them to blackmail me... Maybe I'll spill some juice on her computer or something and crash her hard drive 
while I can still get away with it. 

***Note to Jellybean. I have backed up everything so as not to lose a single one of your photos (so tough). And yes, I may use some as blackmail one day if you ever try to give me attitude. Love mama. 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

embrace the camera.

One favourite past time of mine is reading blogs. 
There are SO many blogs out there now a days, and many of them are great, but once in a while I come across one that's so interesting and well written that I can't stop reading it.
(Thus making me feel stalker-ish after a while...)

That blog for me right now is 
This blog has made me laugh and cry, and want to have a ba-jillion kids (And by "ba-jillion", I mean more than 2.  Probably giving Shaun a heart attack right about now).
It also makes me want to adopt.  
Not that this is a decision that one makes on a whim, but I've always said (not out loud maybe, but to myself) that I would adopt if I was unable to have children of my own.
Turns out that I can, but this blog has brought that thought back into my head.
(If he wasn't before, Shaun is definitely having a heart attack now).
It's just a wonder... or a ponder... 

Okay, I'm digressing from today's point.
What I wanted to do today was 
Every Thursday, Emily "embraces the camera" by posting pictures of herself with her loved ones. 
I'm rarely without my camera (or more recently, my iPhone since balancing a DSLR and infant is near impossible), but 95% (maybe more like 98%) of my time is spent behind it.
I agree with Emily about getting in front of the camera once in a while to leave memories with my family/friends, so this is a great incentive for me to get in the frame once in a while.
Here we go.
Ya.  She likes to sleep.
Just like her mama and papa.
*fyi - the Anderson's blog is down for a makeover tonight (Aug. 23) so check it out tomorrow.  It's pretty awesome.  

Monday, 20 August 2012

weekend bit and pieces.

Participating in some girl talk.
Loving up papa and doing a little dance.
Sleeping makes a happy Bean.
Telepathic conversations and eskimo kisses with Uncle Glenny at brunch.
Ice cream and boardwalk at the beaches.
Brunch at home, and spotting a little friend on a walk around the neighbourhood.

Another happy weekend come and gone.
I hope we get a few more weeks of summer weather...

Sunday, 19 August 2012

jellybean problems.

Man, I'm sooooooo hungry...
I'm pretty sure that this is where the food comes out...

Hm... maybe if I stare at it intently enough...

Or maybe if I try to gum it...

Nope... kinda sad now.

Oh that Bean.  She does love eating.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

the bean gets shot(s).

She got her first immunizations this past week...
 Wheee! I'm having such a good day! I suspect nothing!!!

 I have a bad feeling about this place...

Trying to hide. 

 ...and the calm before the storm.

Mum was too frazzled to take a picture during the shots.

 I'm sad now... lets not do that again (little does she know...)

Tired little Bean on the car ride home.

& we get to do it all again in 2 months.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

weekend bits & pieces.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
It was a long weekend here in Canada, and it was a good one.

We got all dressed up for a very good friends' wedding.  I think she was quite excited to be in a dress.  I found out quickly (although I suspected...) that trying to carry a floppy infant in one hand, while trying to hold steady a SLR camera in the other, is a near impossible feat.

I swear she's getting heavier by the hour... Those cheeks. I want to squish them all day.  But my favourite are those hand dimples.

The Bean enjoying(?) a serenade by her papa.

We made an outing to our favourite ice cream shop for waffle cones and milkshakes, and went for a quick walk.  She's much more awake now and likes to look around.

The rest of our weekend was spent glued to the couch, watching the Olympics.
Whatever will I do when it finishes next weekend...

Monday, 6 August 2012

a multinational bean.

Last week we made a trip to the Japanese consulate to register the birth of our Bean.  All I did was fill out some paperwork, but it was a pretty momentous occasion, since it means that she is now legally Japanese.  You can't hold dual (or multi) citizenships in Japan, so she'll have a decision to make (whether to remain Japanese, and therefore give up all other citizenships, or forgo her Japanese citizenship) when she turns 20.  
But in the meantime, she'll be a Canadian and Japanese citizen (and Trinidadian if we decide to add that as well). 
Our multicultural little Bean.

And yesterday, she turned 2 months old!
My goodness that was fast - I think I'm probably going to continue saying that for the rest of my life...
She's much more expressive now, and is starting to "talk".  A very definitive happy and angry (and loud) voice come out of her little mouth.  Both are adorable and make me laugh.

So full of expressions (and possibly attitude).
Happy, angry, confused... and happy again. 
All in the span of 60 seconds.