Friday, 31 October 2014

it's the great pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!
It's not the same holiday for us as it used to be pre-parenthood 
**small sigh of disappointment**
and more of a "let me take way too many pictures of my kid with pumpkins and in costume etc"
kind of situation, but it's still fun nonetheless.  
It's raining again today like it's becoming a tradition,
but we're hoping to take her out trick or treating for the first time.
Have a drunk happy & safe Halloween everyone!
Lest you think that we're just full of picturesque moments…
This is how we really feel about taking pictures with papa.
Also, the small pumpkin was immediately stolen from our front step after bringing it home,
and the big one continues to be gnawed at daily.
Papa explained that it was probably a squirrel (I'm thinking more racoon…) that took it.
So her new thing is to yell at any and all squirrels within eyesight.
"No! No squirrels! Go away!"

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

much needed.

I had a very physically challenging and emotionally draining few weeks.
But now we're taking some much, much, very much needed time off
and spending quality time with family.
Lazy days and afternoon naps with my girl is my kind of vacation.
Falling asleep with my girl wrapped around my neck saying
"love you mama"
Really, no matter what's happening in life, I know my cup is more than half full.
Most definitely.