Friday, 21 September 2012

embrace the camera.

I've been slacking off a bit in the writing department, but Shaun's been very busy at work, which means a lot of Bean/mama alone time, which then results in a tired mama.

It's Thursday, Embrace the Camera day.  So even though Emily is taking a "link up break", I'm embracing anyways.
Oh, this wrap that I'm wearing by Solly Baby.  They are awesomesauce. 
I've tried a few carrier/wraps, and researched a whole lot more, and this is by far the most comfortable one I've used.  So many wraps are made with a thick, heavy fabric.  This is much more breathable and Bean and I don't end up as sweatballs.  
I can also stuff it into my diaper bag and it doesn't take up all the space.
They come in so many great colours, but my choice was obvious.
Um, hello stripes?  Yes please. 
Most importantly, Bean enjoys the wrap just as much as mama.
**No, I am not a sales person, I am just excited about a wonderful product.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

movie night.

What are we watching here?  I want to watch too.

Thor?  Hm... sounds interesting...

Chris Hemsworth... oh my...

Silly Bean.  Little people can't watch movies.

Monday, 10 September 2012


Finally, a cooking post...
Some very good friends had their Jack&Jill over the weekend and I made some "pops" for the occasion.
Considering that the preggo brain never went away, and I get so easily sidetracked by Bean, I ixnayed turning on the oven to avoid burning down my kitchen.  
(which is no exaggeration considering my forgetfulness these past few months)

I made this & this.

Supervisor Bean

More pops than food in the fridge...

A few things that I found helpful:
I do not have a food processor.  Which would have made it a lot easier, and would have spared me from smashing Oreos and graham crackers in a ziplock back with a pot at 1am.  Ghetto styles but it's do-able.  (ok, maybe that point wasn't quite helpful... a food processor would have been helpful...)
I kept the graham crackers a little coarse on purpose to add some texture.
After forming the Oreo balls, I put them in the freezer for a few minutes to get them a little firm before inserting the sticks and freezing them completely.  Much easier for the sticks to stay in!
Work quickly when coating the chocolate, and try to stir the chocolate frequently between coats.  The quicker you work, the more likely that you'll avoid the chocolate from hardening, separating, seizing, getting grainy... you get the idea.
I bought a styrofoam block at the art store and wrapped it in tissue paper as the base for the pops.
Both pops were super easy to make and only 3 ingredients each! 
Plus, everything tastes better on a stick.

Supervisor Bean was confined to the chair and wasn't even allowed to taste test.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

the fifth.

I'm 3 months today yo.
(Not feelin mama's camera in my face)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

and just like that.

Until recently, Bean has been enjoying tummy time like so:
(Hello cutie)

Then on Saturday, I put her down and...
 What the...?!!!

It was so sudden that she even surprised herself.
You're growing up WAY too fast.
Mama and papa can barely keep up with you already.