Monday, 10 November 2014

two weeks ago.

Only 2 weeks since we came back from Trinidad.
Hard to believe, it feels so much longer ago.
Since then, we've already seen snow, and now we're fighting a nasty virus.
Oh cold and flu season, we did not miss thee…

So I'm reminiscing in the warmth and sun for a little while longer through pictures from our trip.
(oh it's another photo dump)

A weekend Tobago trip.
I mean… not too shabby right?
 There was a significant improvement in the beach experience
compared to the previous time.
She still refused to go into the water though.
And she loved the pool, but only if her feet were touching.
Feet touching:
Feet not touching:
Maybe next time she'll join her cousins...
"mama! fishies!"
Precious cousin time.
And some fun with friends.

Sigh… now back to reality (ie. Monday)...
Double sigh.

Friday, 31 October 2014

it's the great pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!
It's not the same holiday for us as it used to be pre-parenthood 
**small sigh of disappointment**
and more of a "let me take way too many pictures of my kid with pumpkins and in costume etc"
kind of situation, but it's still fun nonetheless.  
It's raining again today like it's becoming a tradition,
but we're hoping to take her out trick or treating for the first time.
Have a drunk happy & safe Halloween everyone!
Lest you think that we're just full of picturesque moments…
This is how we really feel about taking pictures with papa.
Also, the small pumpkin was immediately stolen from our front step after bringing it home,
and the big one continues to be gnawed at daily.
Papa explained that it was probably a squirrel (I'm thinking more racoon…) that took it.
So her new thing is to yell at any and all squirrels within eyesight.
"No! No squirrels! Go away!"

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

much needed.

I had a very physically challenging and emotionally draining few weeks.
But now we're taking some much, much, very much needed time off
and spending quality time with family.
Lazy days and afternoon naps with my girl is my kind of vacation.
Falling asleep with my girl wrapped around my neck saying
"love you mama"
Really, no matter what's happening in life, I know my cup is more than half full.
Most definitely.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

she says the darndest things.

Ignore the fact that I haven't been here for 3 & 1/2 months.
Life just keeps happening.
Warning you now that I'm about to do a blitz of the past few months to play catch up.
(it's another massive photo dump)
You've been warned.

We traveled to Japan at the end of May.
My tiny traveller.
She did so well.  Carried her own backpack any kept up with me the whole time.
Vacation attire.  Diva attitude.
Visiting temple with jiji and baba.
We were only there for 2 weeks and it wasn't enough time at all.

As of June, we have a two year old.
How that happened so fast, I have no idea…
 Who needs actual gifts when you can be SO excited over balloons?

The summer's going by too fast.
Is the memory of last winter still WAY too fresh in everyone's mind,
or is it just me?
 (she may be the tiniest tweenager but she's still my baby)

We spend a lot of time playing outside, which sometimes results in injuries…

Other summer activities including, but not limited to:
Bubble blowing
A little vacation.
Ah yes… I can just see our headaches in her teenage years all the way from here...
Loving the pool.
Trying to leave required minimal effort…

And just generally making the best of the good weather while it lasts.

It's been a good summer so far.
Just let this weather last until October… wishful thinking?

The so called "terrible twos".
There are definitely times when she gives us a run for our money,
but it's still my favourite stage so far.
Her vocabulary seems to grow by the minute, and it's amazing to watch her 
switch between English with Shaun, and Japanese with me.

Some recent highlights:

"mama, your shoes are cute today"
(me) "aw, thanks!"
"…ya, it's a little bit cute"

"mama I want to play (a game on the iPhone)"
(me) "no, we're not using the phone right now"
"…ok a little bit"
(me) "no, let's play something else"
"… ok just one time"
(me) "no really, we're not playing with the phone right now"
"… ok last time then"

(me) "are you a big baby?"
"no, I'm a little big girl"

To Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home"
(Shaun) "just hold on we're going home"
(Bean) "going hooooooooome"
(Shaun) "it's hard to do these things along"
(Bean) "things alooooooooone"
Shaun's attempts at creating his own family band.

And the most frequent used phrases towards Shaun:
"no papa no!"
"stop it papa!"

So it begins already.