Friday, 25 January 2013

chili weather.

Thank goodness it got freezing cold, otherwise I might have forgotten what Canadian winter feels like.
(you can all sense the sarcasm, yes?)
It's chili weather.  
I loosely followed this recipe, but added extra veggies, as well as chickpeas.  
Oh, and I substituted vegetable oil with bacon... cause you know, it's bacon. 
(I fried 2-3 strips of chopped bacon before adding the veggies)
I also added a little extra of the spices at the end to perk up the flavour.
And you must have corn bread with chilli.
I used the same recipe as those corn dogs but instead of hotdogs,
I added some corn, chili powder and of course, cheese.
...anyone else getting hungry?

The snow is much prettier from home, so we stayed inside today.
Loading/unloading the stroller in -20degree weather with an angry bundled up baby
is not my idea of a fun time.
The things we do to pass the time...
She just wanted to roll around on the floor.
So I let her.  Cause I'm a good mama like that.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

a few firsts.

Before the fever and the sickness,
and before the freezing cold came back to remind us that we still live in Canada,
we tried the swings for the first time.
I ensured her that it would be fun times but she didn't believe me at first.
I convinced her though.

We've started brushing teeth before bed.
Specifically the two little bottom pearlies.
She loves it.

And we've entered that stage where she insists on feeding herself.
Which takes twice as long, and 10 times more messy, but look at that face.
Someone try to say no to that face.

Seriously, that face.

Friday, 18 January 2013

tis the season...

...cold and flu season.
Hope you're feeling better than this.
Whatever is going around really sucks.
Stuck at home all week and we're gettin cabin fever over here.
Ok, so I am getting cabin fever.  Bean just has a fever.  A high one, my poor girl.
She's so good, even when she's sick.
I am a lucky lucky mama.

Happy weekend!

Monday, 14 January 2013


Being the only granddaughter, the idea of cousins is a foreign concept to me.
Also, I was spoiled.
But seeing our Jellybean with her cousins gave me "cousin envy".
She loved them so much, we really wish we lived closer...

And these two... so funny together.
If only I knew what was going through their minds...
"what on earth is happening with these legs?"
"chubby chubby chubby chubby..."
"I can't even comprehend this chubbiness!"
"hey, there's a bald spot back here..."

"lets try to take a nice picture together..."
"here, let me fix that collar for you"
"it's ok cousin, don't be mad."
"ok I'm ready now... hey? where're you going?"

Those cousins, they're going to help keep the "bad boys" (or any and all boys) away, 
so that papa doesn't have to bring out the shotgun.

We miss you!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

not so fun in the sun.

As previously mentioned, we spent most of our holiday at home, but on the very last day of 2012,
we finally made it out to the beach.
The momentous occasion deserved a post of its own.
As you can see, she was initially pretty excited about this whole "beach thing".

And then she tested out the waters...

What. Is. Happening.
 Isn't this fun?
Well, at least someone is having fun.  Such a good aunty she is...
And here are some awesome parents, laughing at their poor child's misery.
All in all, a very memorable very first beach day.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

hello 2013.

After an unintentional extra extra long holiday break from the blog, 
happy one week into 2013!
We spent Christmas in Trinidad.  Yes, we are one of those lucky people who "going home for the holidays" means sunny, warm (or sweltering hot), and beaches.

We hung out at home for 95% of the time.
I got bitten by mosquitos about 40 times (which was not as many as previous times).
I tried to eat my body weight in pasteles.
I also ate way too much ice cream.
We didn't get to see our friends nearly enough times (sorry friends).
But we got to enjoy so much quality time with the family, and Bean thrived on the "liveliness" (4 dogs, cousins, lots of visitors, and lots of family).  2 weeks was hardly long enough.
It's a tough adjustment, coming back to our little family of three... and the cold.

So to overcompensate, please enjoy a copious amount of photographs from our time down south.