Tuesday, 8 May 2012

it's mostly fun & games.

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

(This picture was from some time ago... I definitely can't make visual confirmation of my toes from this angle anymore.)

Yes there's progressive swelling, aching, and everything in between, but it is mostly fun and we're getting really excited to see our little bean.  Everyday when Shaun comes home, he talks to the bump and tells her we'll see her soon, and how excited we are for her to come out.

& the many other moments that make me really excited about our Jellybean...

Receiving amazingly cute gifts from amazingly awesome friends.

Prepping for a Jellybean worthy room.

Buying too cute outfits and imagining what she'll look like in them.

... & the invasion of monkeys.

Less than 7 weeks until we see you Jellybean!

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