Wednesday, 16 May 2012

just going with the flow.

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

I was scheduled to work until the end of May, but that unexpectedly ended on Tuesday.
So far in my pregnancy, I had been experiencing some dizziness and near-fainting spells thanks to my pre-existing tendency for low blood pressure and blood sugar.  
At one point, the dizziness got too frequent and I had to get some tests done.
Not so fun times.  
Especially after those electrodes came off.  Oh those welts... where they ever itchy.

So when I started to get some significant swelling in my hands, arms, feet, legs (sometimes face!), I figured it was just part of "the joys of pregnancy" (although I did get some fierce cankles...)  Even when I started getting blurred vision along with some other symptoms, I wasn't too worried.

Fast forward to Tuesday when I went for my scheduled appointment, my doctor looked slightly concerned when he realized that I had gained nearly 8lbs (holy crap!) in 2 weeks.  And slightly more concerned when he took my blood pressure.  Then slightly more concerned when I said "yes" to all of the questions of "nausea?" "headache?" "rib cage pain?" "swelling?" "blurred vision?".
He told me not to be too worried, but that I may have pre-eclampsia and he was sending me for more tests.  He also explained the possible outcomes, including immediate delivery, or hospitalization for monitoring, but also that I could go home if things seem to calm down.  Regardless of the scenario though, I had just finished my last work day.
At 34 and 1/2 weeks, the likelihood of Jellybean born perfectly healthy is quite high, so I tried not to worry too much, but it certainly wasn't the outcome I was expecting from my scheduled prenatal visit.  
Meanwhile, the type-A in me was madly running the logistics of everything in my head:
"What about work?"
"I have no hospital bag ready!"
"We don't have enough clothes for the bean!"
"We don't even have the bassinet set up!"
"and I haven't washed any of the bean's clothes!"
and on and on...

Shaun came to the hospital right away, and after 6+ hours, the test results were okay enough for me to go home for now (phew!).  More importantly, Jellybean is doing perfectly well and we got to see her kicking around on the ultrasound (double phew!).

I'll be visiting the hospital quite frequently from now on, with the possibility that Jellybean may make her entrance at any point.
We're trying not to be too worried.  It is what it is, and I think it's worse to fret too much - especially when I'm trying to keep my blood pressure stable. 
Just going with the flow, and enjoying whatever time I have left of preggo life.

Needless to say though, I washed Jellybean's clothes and bedding yesterday.

And bought some supplies to pack a hospital bag.

We're ready (as we can be) for you Jellybean!
But we'll try to keep you in there for a little longer so that you can cook some more... 

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