Sunday, 6 May 2012

a very grown up celebration.

(If this is your first visit, get to know US!)

Like I mentioned, Friday was the hubby's birthday.
For his big 30th, the soon-to-be daddy asked for a "pizza/pool party".  

I figured if we're going to be ridiculous, I might as well take it all the way so I ran with it.
...and ended up with a Batman Pizza/Pool party.  

We had ice cream cake aaand cupcakes (From my last posting - which turned out to be quite delicious, my new favourite cake in fact.  And this, coming from a girl who likes to bake things, but not so much to eat baked things, is a pretty big deal).

The people at DQ were quite the artisans when it came to piping the icing...

Hope you had good birthday Shaun, & thanks to our great friends for being there to celebrate with us.

And now to eat some left over banana cake...

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